There are a very large variety of sugars due to the way the sugar is processed in the extraction and purifying phase. Sugars vary in terms of color, sweetness, flavor and crystal size which play an important role in what they can be used for. All our products listed below are kosher.

We offer the following types of sugar:

Icing Sugar

Used for making smooth frostings, icings and glazes. Sprinkle it on top of cookies, French toast and desserts to give that something extra!

Format: 10x1kg, 20kg, 500g

Granulated White Sugar

Pure sucrose and is the most common form of refined sugar that is made from sugar cane and sugar beet. Used in processed foods, pastries, candy and bread as well as used for sweetening coffee, tea, for baking, preserving, canning and cooking.

Format: 20 kg/ 40 kg/ 10/2 kg

Golden Yellow Sugar

Golden yellow sugar has a slightly mellow molasses flavour and moist texture. This product can be used for baking and sprinkled on cereals, yogurt and French toast.

Format: 20kg, 20x1kg

Dark Brown Sugar

A richer, stronger molasses flavor sugar, used to add a more distinctive flavor for your baking or breakfast.

Format: 20kg, 20x1kg

Organic Sugar

Organic Sugar is made from organic sugarcane where natural methods of sustainable agriculture are used to grown and harvest the sugarcane.

This sugar is produced from organically grown sugar cane with no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers used. The natural cane juice is pressed, cleaned and crystallized. Use it wherever you use granulated sugar, in hot beverages, sprinkled on cereal, and for all of your cooking and baking needs.

Format : 25kg

Super Fine Sugar

Finest crystal size from all the various granulated sugars. Used in powdered preparations and dissolves easily in cold beverages. Apply in creamed mixtures and backing and can also be sprinkled on top of fruit or cereal.

Format: 20 kg/ 40 kg.

Coarse Sugar

Considered granulated sugar that has a larger crystal size, Resilient to color change and breakdown at high temperatures. Used to make confections, fondants and liquor.

Format: 20 kg/ 40 kg.