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    Sunbec Food Inc. offers an array of customized packaging solutions to match their customers branding needs.  Customized sugar packaging is available in individual sachets to give your brand a classic flare and help them embrace their brand experience.

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    Animals have a better-defined appetite for sodium chloride than any other compound in nature except water. Most plants provide inadequate amount of sodium for animal feeding and may lack in sufficient chloride content which is why salt supplementation is a critical part of a nutritionally balanced diet for animals.
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    This salt is acceptable for use as a food additive in fishery and meat applications. Particle size of salt is greater than Number 8 Coarse Salt. Contains 99.0% purity level.
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    This product is used to enhance the flavor and or texture of food products. It is intended for use as a direct food additive, and is often considered ideal in the cheese making . Calcium Chloride Food Grade Anhydrous 94-97 % is available in 50 lb poly bags.
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    99.88% pure sodium chloride with free-flowing agents. Recommended for a variety of food processing applications such as baking, tenderizing, seasonings and prepared mixes. Rapidly dissolves into solution for brining, canning and pickling applications.
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    We offer hunting salt in the regular flavor, apple flavor for deer and sulphur flavor for moose.
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    US Salt’s Superior TX-10® Salt is a food grade, cubic crystalline Sodium Chloride of variable particle size distribution. This salt is obtained from underground salt deposits by deep well solution mining. Subsequent evaporation of this brine by the vacuum pan system, under stringent process control, provides the highest purity and minimal insoluble extraneous matter for salt. TX-10® Salt is recommended for use in a variety of food processing applications, including baking, seasonings and prepared mixes.

    Can also be used in non-food applications such as a carrier or as chemical and bulking agents in many household and personal care products.

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    Sifto’s food grade vacuum pan salt, which is produced by industry standard solution mining and evaporation process. The salt is washed, filtered, dried, screened, admixed, and quality control tested. This product is available with or without an anti-caking agent.   HyGrade salt is certified as kosher and Pareve for use during Passover and year round.   Availability in 20 kg poly bag , 1000 kg IBC tote bag
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    99.92% pure sodium chloride. Used as a pickling salt. Can also be considered a food additive for fishery applications
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    Melt away all the icy-hazard that winter brings, by sprinkling some Sunbec Ice Guard Ice Salt, as it improves safety for drivers and pedestrians by treating roads, driveways, as well as walkways. Whether it is a home, road or industrial property, Sunbec Ice Guard is sure to remove ice and snow the easiest way possible, as it is effective at low temperatures and is cost efficient! Sunbec Ice Guard Ice Salt is available in 10kg and 18kg formats, in order to satisfy our customers’ needs. Be proactive and don’t leave your guard down this winter! Look for our Sunbec Ice Guard Salt bag at a retailer near you! Slower than calcium chloride Lowest Practical Temperature – 15C