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Easy Melt Ice-Melter

Product Description

Format: 18 kg Bag /40 kg Bag /

Sunbec Easy Melt Ice Melter is a premium product that is blended with the renowned Bleu-Fuzion liquid. Our high performance ice melter is cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and fast-acting solution to very low temperatures. It also has a unique blue color that increases visibility to ensure a higher level of safety of your surroundings! This winter take it to the next level to ensure maximum protection and look for our Sunbec Easy Melt Ice Melter at a retailer near you! Temperature -25°C / -13°F

More easily visible on de-icing surfaces
Less corrosive, less harmful than regular salt for de-icing surfaces.

– Sodium chloride (95-98%)
– Magnesium chloride (1-3%)
– Carbohydrates (<1%) - Corrosion inhibitor - Food coloring (blue) The Benefits of using Easy Melt : - Efficient, melts until -25°C / -13°F - FAST-ACTION, melts instantly - VISIBLE, can be easily seen on surfaces - SAFER, less corrosive as it will damage surfaces less than ordinary salt