• Regular-De-Icing-Salt

Regular De-Icing Salt

Product Description

Format: 10 kg Bag /20 kg Bag / 35kg Bag / 1000 kg Totes

Melt away all the icy-hazard that winter brings, by sprinkling some Sunbec Ice Guard Ice Salt, as it improves safety for drivers and pedestrians by treating roads, driveways, as well as walkways. Whether it is a home, road or industrial property, Sunbec Ice Guard is sure to remove ice and snow the easiest way possible, as it is effective at low temperatures and is cost efficient! Sunbec Ice Guard Ice Salt is available in 10kg and 18kg formats, in order to satisfy our customers’ needs. Be proactive and don’t leave your guard down this winter! Look for our Sunbec Ice Guard Salt bag at a retailer near you! Slower than calcium chloride Lowest Practical Temperature – 15C