• tx-10-salt

Superior TX Iodized Fine Evaporated Salt

Product Description

Superior TX-10® Salt is available in 50 lb., 80 lb., 20 kg (44.1 lb.), and 40 kg (88.2 lb.) net weight, multiwall, polylined, kraft paper bags, up to 2400 lb. net weight, one way FIBC bags and bulk.

US Salt’s Superior TX-10® Salt is a food grade, cubic crystalline Sodium Chloride of variable particle size distribution. This salt is obtained from underground salt deposits by deep well solution mining. Subsequent evaporation of this brine by the vacuum pan system, under stringent process control, provides the highest purity and minimal insoluble extraneous matter for salt. TX-10® Salt is recommended for use in a variety of food processing applications, including baking, seasonings and prepared mixes.

Can also be used in non-food applications such as a carrier or as chemical and bulking agents in many household and personal care products.