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We know salt

Did you know...

Salt used to be used as money. Salt was so valuable in ancient Rome that soldiers were sometimes paid with it. In fact, the word “salary” comes from the Latin word “sal”, which means salt.

Did you know...

Salt (sodium chloride) is the only family of rocks regularly eaten by people. Every cell of your body contains salt.


Sunbec Salt Sachet
Sunbec Pepper Sachet
Sunbec Table Salt
Sunbec Fine Sea Salt

Food Grade

Large Format
US Salt TX-10
Iodized Fine Evaporated (20kg)
US Salt TNA5 (20kg)
Sifto Hy-Grade Food Grade Salt (20kg)
Dead Sea Coarse Sea Salt (20kg)
Dead Sea Fine Sea Salt
US Salt General Purpose Salt
Number 4 Coarse Salt
Number 8 Coarse Salt